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About Us

About Marvin Nauman

Marvin is a bona fide Director of Photography with a BA Phography degree and a second major in communications. He is an expert in the communication field for over 30 years.  Public Affairs Officer and Photographer for the Federal Emergency Management Agency for 7 years, Photographer on the "2000 BC" and "Batman" Movies, Combat Photographer with the U.S. Marines, Photographer & TV Producer for the U.S. Government for 15 years, inventor and manufacturer of specialized imagery equipment whose clients include law enforcement and high-level government agencies.

Our experience and expertise ensures excellence, on budget, on time and a message that works. We highly encourage and recommend that you to come by and check out our set-up, see the powerful capabilities & effects at an unbeatable price.  We'll even put your favorite coffee on for you and let you play with the tools.

He has received numerous awards and recognitions for his fine photography and work including “The Communicator” and “The Masterpiece” Awards.  He comes from the school of "Get it right the first time" and therefore  anticipates, finds solutions and prevents problems.  Marvin is a team player with a "Can do attitude" and under stands the inter workings of high-level management and he gets the job done. He has been around long enough to know what works and what does not.

His experience and expertise ensures excellence, on budget, on time, and a message that communicates.

We are:
  • Recognized by clients as the "go-to" for creating effective images that truly communicate.
  • Calm under fire.
  • Inventive problem-solver, multi-tasker and team player:
  • Versatile, tech-savvy self-starter: Expertise in all aspects of digital still/video photography and post production including: software, lighting, color techniques, enhancement processing, and presentation methods.
  • Handled fast paced, high-stakes situations and resolved multiple problems simultaneously.
  • Expert public affairs officer and visual communicator: Public affairs professional with extensive experience formulating and communicating the right stories and messages through visuals and words. Acts as the organization’s eyes and ears, bringing images to central command that support informed decision-making. Enjoys educating and helping people day-to-day and in emergencies.
Clients Include:
  • Tacoma Convention & Trade Center
  • EXPO 86
  • United States Postal Service
  • Gallo Wine                                    
  • Dept’s. of the Army, Navy, Air force
  • King TV 
  • Yosemite National Park & Curry Co.
  • Turner Broadcasting  
  • Kitsap/Bremerton & Convention Bureau
  • Northwest Sports Channel
  • "Tacoma Now" Television Program
  • Peninsula School District 
  • "Auto-Video" Television Program 
  • Duma Safaris
  • "Kitsap around the Sound" Television Program
  • Tacoma Tall Ships
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency/FEMA